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Deca has finally given an update on the DecaGear One after a bit of radio silence since the release of the DecaMove. The update was posted on twitter, with a small bit of QnA in their Discord server once the update went up.

When the DecaGear one was initially announced roughly a year ago, the controllers were first shown using a tracker ring, similar to what the Oculus Quest and other Inside Out Tracking solutions use. However, a leak from a couple months back showed that they were looking into different methods of tracking arrangement using a ball on the lower part of the controller near the wrist.

Once news broke, discussion quickly erupted in the Discord server with some questions being answered by WireWhiz, one of the staff for Deca. Below is a list of either plain statements about the new controller design, or responses to questions.

So we know it will have a fingerprint sensor, which is likely what the tweet is referring to with “Say goodbye to typing long emails and passwords”, indicating a password management system using fingerprint verification similar to what you can get on smartphones.

Do they have finger tracking?
Discord User

We know they have not dropped support for finger tracking, both tracking the actual fingers and grip pressure.

looks like it gets occluded by the wrist or is it still above the wrist?
Discord User

Even though the ring has been removed, there is still tracking set up in the top section of the controller, giving two sections of the controller with a good amount of separation between the two. That gives me some hope that some of the tracking issues I experience with current inside out controllers using a ring will be much less prevalent as in theory, most of the poses you could feasibly do with a controller won’t occlude both sides, and just one was claimed to be enough to continue tracking.

I look forward to seeing a live demo of the tracking system, which may also include at least a glimpse of the headset too. Though that last half of the statement is more just my hope.

Overall I look forward to seeing more about the headset DecaSoon™ and can’t wait till I finally get a unit in my hands.

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