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During the Nintendo Direct on September 23, 2021, Nintendo mentioned that on October 5, 2021, there would be a final Smash Ultimate presentation that would show off the last character to be added onto the Fighters Pass Vol. 2. This would also be the final character to be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as no more DLC has been planned after Challenger Pack 2.

Masahiro Sakurai, Smash Ultimate Director, appeared on screen after the intro to talk about how this will indeed be the last Smash Ultimate presentation and started off with showing the Mii costumes first.

The last batch of Mii costumes included an Octoling wig from Splatoon 2, a Judd hat from the Splatoon series, and Doomguy or Doom Slayer from the Doom franchise. These costumes would be revealed alongside the final DLC character on October 18, 2021 and each Mii costume would cost $0.75 USD to purchase them.

After showing the Mii costumes, Sakurai appeared again to talk about how the development of Smash Ultimate was a long one but also said that it was worth it if it meant that they was able to provide to the gaming industry. Without delay, Sakurai then showed off the trailer for the final DLC character.

The trailer starts off and was a call back to the very first reveal trailer to Smash Ultimate with Inkling but it changed as the Smash logo that used to be burning, suddenly burned out and a little drop of fire remained while everyone turned into statues. Mario was able to move and walked towards the fire and grabbed something that was in the fire and threw it to the abyss.

The item was still burning but soon displayed a keyblade and even the Mickey emblem that was attached to the keyblade which meant that Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series is the final DLC character and has finally made it to Smash Ultimate after many people requesting it for so long.

Sakurai went on to talk about what Kingdom Hearts is for people who don’t know the series and talked about how he knew Sora was the most requested fighter as he talked about the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot that happened six years ago and how the top choice was Sora.

The color variations for Sora was shown off first with the default P1 being his design from Kingdom Hearts, P2 being his Kingdom Hearts 2 design, P3 being his Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] design, P4 being his Kingdom Hearts 3 design, P5 being his Timeless River design from Kingdom Hearts 2, P6 being his Kingdom Hearts 2 Valor Form design, P7 being his Kingdom Hearts 2 Wisdom Form design, and P8 being his Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimate Form design. Sakurai then showed off five spirit variants for Sora which each of them are based off the P1 – P5 color variants.

Gameplay for Sora was shown off next with his move set being the main point. The first point is that he could have a 3-Hit combo when he uses his neutral attack, side tilt attack, neutral air attack, and his forward air attack. Sora’s other moves was shown off from his up tilt attack to his throws. The next point was his special moves which are magic and it would cycle between Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga when you use them and the magic can be reflected, absorbed, and pocket.

Sora’s up taunts would also cycle when you use them and the order is Stopga, Aeroga, and Curaga but they have no effect and is just for show. Sora’s side special was shown off next and it’s Sonic Blade and it’s an attack that allows you to move three times in whatever direction you want. Sora’s up special is called Aerial Sweep and it’s similar to Link’s up special but Sora will still rise into the air if the move is used on the ground.

The stage that Sora comes with was shown off and it is Hollow Bastion which is a world from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 that you go to but if time is running out or there is low stock, the stage changes into Dive to the Heart which is a familiar world you see in various Kingdom Hearts games like the very beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts and the character in the background has different various Kingdom Hearts characters that it could be.

After Sakurai showed Sora in action as he fights Cloud and Sephiroth, he showed what music would be coming to Smash Ultimate and they are Night of Fate, Destiny’s Force, Shrouding Dark Cloud, Hand in Hand, Blast Away! -Gummi Ship II-, Hollow Bastion, Scherzo Di Notte, Fragments of Sorrow, and Destati which none of them are rearrangements so this are songs from their respected games. Sakurai then mentions that if you have a save file for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, you would be able to receive the song Dearly Beloved -Swing Version- as an extra bonus which Dearly Beloved is the song you hear at the title screen for any Kingdom Hearts games.

The spirit board for Kingdom Hearts was shown off and would include spirits for Kairi, Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Riku, Xion, Axel, and Roxas. Sakurai mentioned the release date again which is October 18 and it would be $5.99 USD to purchase Sora alone but you would automatically receive Sora if you’ve purchased Fighters Pass Vol. 2. Amiibos was talked about next and the Steve and Alex amiibo is planned to be released in Spring 2022 while amiibos for Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra, and Kazuya are planned for release as well but no release date for them.

Sakurai had more news and it was that the Kingdom Hearts games would be coming to Nintendo Switch. These games are Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts 3 and they will all be using the cloud feature so you will need an online connection to play these games. No release date was given for these games but Sakurai said a release date would be announced at a later time. Sakurai ended the presentation by showing Smash Ultimate achievements and showing the full version of Sora’s reveal trailer.

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