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Old habits die hard, so why kill them anyway?

You know the old saying…. “New Year, New Me”. And to that I say, frick that. I’m perfect the way I am. Or, at least my collection is. At the start of last year, one of my goals was to start working on finally digging into my backlog, which has only ballooned over the years thanks to my uncanny ability to not actually play through the games I purchase. And it’s not because I can’t, I just tend to not play very often, and when I do I tend to lose interest rather quickly thanks to this fun thing called ADHD.

The year started off strong, I finally played through and beat the main story for Celeste, easily the hardest platformer I’ve managed to date. After that, I finished The Outbound Ghost which was started in December and then took a break from to do Celeste in January. 2 games in 2 months, things were going smoothly. In March, I restarted my years old save in Hacknet, and managed to beat that. Then in April I finally got around to beating Super Mario 64 since childhood. I was on a roll, and things were looking good to be beating a new game each month.

Then life happens. See, work has a tendency to do this funny thing to people. You know, makes them tired and wanting to not do anything? I had thought summer would be pretty easy, but it ended up being pretty backbreaking. And then after summer it just kept going. It’s been the busiest year yet with ticket counts, causing me to frequently be too exhausted to want to play anything. It’s why the YouTube channel also paused. At most, I was able to beat Grimace’s Birthday for the GBC. But I’m looking to change things again.

This year, I have a somewhat different goal. I’m still looking to play more games (and work on the channel more), but there’s something else I need to work on.
See, I have a confession…. I’m a fake Pokemon fan.
Don’t misunderstand me, I do love playing the Pokemon games when I am playing them, but much like other games I have a tendency to drop them in the middle of a save. And with how much RPGs already don’t click with me, I’m a frequent flyer for dropping them when I get to a point that requires more grinding. I honestly can’t recall the last time I actually played a Pokemon game through to even beating the main story (minus Pokemon Topaz, a Pokemon yellow-like clone on the TI-84). I’m looking to change that this year.

Start this month (well actually already started in late December) I will be working on playing through 1 game from each generation of Pokemon. The rules are quite simple:
For each gen, I must play through story completion of one mainline title
I can choose either the standard title or any remakes, if available
Sequels will be played (Black/White 2)
Pokedex completion not required
Official hardware (or clones like analogue pocket) preferred, but emulation allowed.

To start, I’ve chosen Leaf Green for Gen 1. Having played through the OG red, I wanted to allow myself to play versions I have yet to play in order to expand the list of games I’ve experienced. I picked that up a week ago to get a head start into the new year.
Along with the Pokemon series, I want to also try to sneak in a few other retro titles that I haven’t beaten in a while, including Wario Land 4, Monster Rancher Battle Card, and Super Mario Galaxy.

May this year bless us with great gaming, both retro and new titles releasing through the year. And who knows, maybe we’ll finally get word on Switch 2?

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