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NVMe M.2 SSD support is leaving beta and getting public release

Sony launched the PS5 with an NVMe M.2 SSD slot, but without having software support to actually utilize it. A couple months back this feature was introduced to those willing to pilot the first PS5 beta firmware. And now, it seems, that functionality is finally ready for prime time as it’s set to release September 15th, the day after this article goes up.

Requirements and recommendations listed for compatible drives are fairly specific, set to require only high speed gen 4 drives (5,500MB/s Sequential read speed recommended), and recommending a heatsink as well. All within a fairly restrictive allotment for size. Suggestions made by Sony seems to indicate that even drives that fall within these specs may not work. But they may be trying to make these specs look more important than they really are.

What Truly is a “Requirement”?

Although they tout some pretty beefy specs as required, or at the very least recommended, those specs may actually be much higher than needed. Several tests run by online gaming and tech channels seem to indicate that in general, as long as it fits with a heatsink and is PCIe gen 4, most NVMe SSDs tested so far work. Granted, some load times may be slightly longer, but other there seems to be virtually no impact on performance, at least for now.

What’s the Takeaway?

Starting September 15th, once you receive the update, you should be able to slap in an NVMe SSD in order to add more storage to the system. If you already have a gen 4 SSD you should be fine to install, and it should pretty much just work from there after the system formats it. If you don’t already have one, you’ll likely want to start looking into what SSDs do and don’t work from both major online content creators as well as from other users online.

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